1: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. accused of spreading conspiracy theories in Politifact's 2024 Lie of the Year.

2: Politifact exposes RFK Jr.'s false claims, labeling them as dangerous misinformation.

3: RFK Jr.'s campaign of lies debunked by fact-checkers as harmful to public health.

4: Conspiracy theories promoted by RFK Jr. deemed more dangerous than ever in 2024.

5: RFK Jr.'s false statements highlighted as a major problem by fact-checking organizations.

6: Politifact's 2024 Lie of the Year awarded to RFK Jr. for spreading harmful misinformation.

7: RFK Jr.'s continued promotion of conspiracy theories widely criticized by experts.

8: Fact-checking organizations raise alarms about RFK Jr.'s misleading statements in 2024.

9: RFK Jr.'s campaign of conspiracy theories proves to be Politifact's greatest lie of the year.