1: Real vs Fake Weapons in WWE: Exploring the use of props in Raw and Smackdown matches.

2: Types of Real Weapons: From steel chairs to kendo sticks, the impact of using legitimate props in WWE matches.

3: Effects of Fake Weapons: How scripted scenes involving fake weapons enhance the entertainment value of WWE matches.

4: Safety Measures: The importance of wrestlers following proper safety protocols when using weapons in WWE shows.

5: Fan Reactions: How the use of real and fake weapons in WWE matches evoke different responses from the audience.

6: Historical Context: The evolution of weapon use in WWE matches over the years.

7: Controversies: Instances where the use of weapons in WWE matches has sparked debate among fans and critics.

8: Entertainment Value: How the incorporation of real and fake weapons adds excitement and drama to WWE shows.

9: Conclusion: Real vs fake weapons in WWE matches serve as a crucial element in creating captivating storylines and engaging audiences.