1: "Blue Bloods, starring Tom Selleck, will conclude after Season 14. CBS confirms the end with a statement."

2: "The long-running police drama will bid farewell, leaving fans in anticipation of the final episodes."

3: "After over a decade on air, Blue Bloods' cast and crew express gratitude for the loyal viewers."

4: "The show's legacy will live on through syndication and streaming services for years to come."

5: "Tom Selleck's portrayal of Frank Reagan will be remembered as one of his iconic roles."

6: "CBS promises a satisfying conclusion for the Reagan family in the upcoming season."

7: "Fans can expect emotional storylines and closure for beloved characters in the final episodes."

8: "The end of Blue Bloods marks the end of an era for procedural dramas on television."

9: "Viewers are encouraged to tune in for the last season and celebrate the show's success with the cast and crew."