1: "Savory cabbage casserole loaded with beef and rice for a hearty meal."

2: "Cheesy stuffed cabbage rolls baked to perfection with a tangy tomato sauce."

3: "Creamy cabbage lasagna smothered in a rich cheese sauce for a comforting dish."

4: "Spicy Mexican cabbage casserole layered with beans, corn, and salsa."

5: "Garlicky cabbage and potato casserole topped with crispy breadcrumbs."

6: "Vegetarian cabbage and quinoa casserole packed with protein and veggies."

7: "Asian-inspired cabbage stir fry casserole infused with soy sauce and ginger."

8: "Greek-style cabbage moussaka featuring layers of eggplant and creamy béchamel."

9: "BBQ pulled pork cabbage casserole topped with crunchy coleslaw for a tasty twist."