1: Get creative with these quick Mediterranean food crafts for kids, perfect for weekend fun!

2: Make delicious fruit kabobs with a Mediterranean twist for a tasty and healthy treat.

3: Create mini pita pizzas with fresh ingredients for a fun and interactive cooking activity.

4: Whip up homemade tzatziki dip to enjoy with veggies or pita chips for a simple snack.

5: Learn how to assemble a Greek-inspired mezze platter with a variety of flavors and textures.

6: Try your hand at making easy and colorful Greek salad skewers for a fresh and crunchy snack.

7: Decorate Greek yogurt parfaits with granola and fresh fruit for a sweet and satisfying dessert.

8: Blend up a refreshing Mediterranean smoothie with yogurt, honey, and frozen berries.

9: Finish off your Mediterranean food crafting session with a fun and educational cooking lesson.