1: 1. Check for weight discrepancies. 2. Look for mismatched dates or designs. 3. Inspect for irregular edging. 4. Verify authenticity with a magnet.

2: 5. Avoid coins with excessive wear. 6. Be wary of overly shiny surfaces. 7. Always buy from reputable dealers.

3: 1. Study mint marks and initials. 2. Examine for missing or extra letters. 3. Watch out for unusual coloring. 4. Seek professional authentication if unsure.

4: 5. Stay vigilant for altered surfaces. 6. Compare fonts and engravings. 7. Trust your gut instinct when in doubt.

5: 1. Avoid purchasing from unknown sources. 2. Research key features of genuine coins. 3. Consider investing in a magnifying glass. 4. Join online forums for advice and support.

6: 5. Attend coin shows for expertise. 6. Document your collection for reference. 7. Keep up-to-date with counterfeit trends.

7: 1. Resist the temptation of too-good-to-be-true deals. 2. Educate yourself on common counterfeiting methods. 3. Utilize ultraviolet light to reveal hidden marks. 4. Store your collection securely to prevent tampering.

8: 5. Be cautious when purchasing online. 6. Insure your collection against potential losses. 7. Report any suspicious coins to authorities.

9: 1. Stay informed about current counterfeit scams. 2. Network with other collectors for advice. 3. Enjoy the hobby while staying vigilant.