1: 1. Return of beloved characters. 2. New adventures in a different setting. 3. Intriguing storylines that keep fans hooked.

2: 1. Chemistry between Tony and Ziva. 2. Nod to their history on NCIS. 3. Fresh perspectives on their dynamic partnership.

3: 1. Cameos from familiar faces. 2. Compelling cases that test their skills. 3. Surprising twists that keep viewers guessing.

4: 1. Emotional moments that tug at heartstrings. 2. Character growth and development. 3. References and callbacks to NCIS lore.

5: 1. High-stakes action and suspense. 2. Humor and banter between the leads. 3. Cliffhangers that leave fans wanting more.

6: 1. Exploration of Tony and Ziva's past. 2. Unresolved issues and conflicts. 3. Resolutions that tie up loose ends.

7: 1. New alliances and enemies. 2. Insights into their personal lives. 3. Loyalty and trust put to the test.

8: 1. Unexpected alliances and betrayals. 2. Twists that keep fans on the edge of their seats. 3. Character-driven drama and suspense.

9: 1. Tony and Ziva's enduring bond. 2. Surprises around every corner. 3. A spinoff that honors the legacy of NCIS.