1: Discover the top 25 LEGO Star Wars sets that every fan should have in their collection. From iconic ships to memorable characters, these sets are sure to impress.

2: Explore the LEGO Millennium Falcon, a must-have set for any Star Wars enthusiast. This detailed replica is perfect for recreating epic space battles.

3: Unleash your inner Jedi with the LEGO Darth Vader Castle set. This imposing fortress is a great addition to any Star Wars display.

4: Take on the Empire with the LEGO Rebel U-Wing Fighter set. Join the rebellion and fight for freedom in the galaxy far, far away.

5: Get ready for adventure with the LEGO Star Wars Slave I set. Fly alongside Boba Fett and track down bounties across the galaxy.

6: Relive the epic saga with the LEGO Death Star set. This massive build features iconic scenes from the original trilogy.

7: Join the fight against the First Order with the LEGO Resistance Bomber set. Help Poe Dameron and his team take down the enemy's ships.

8: Expand your Star Wars universe with the LEGO Star Destroyer set. This impressive build is perfect for displaying alongside your other LEGO sets.

9: Experience the thrill of the LEGO AT-AT Walker set. Join the Empire and crush the rebellion with this iconic Imperial vehicle.